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Q. When can I buy textbooks for the upcoming semester?
A. Textbooks are usually available 3-5 weeks before the semester starts.

Q. Where can I find an ISBN number for the book that I need?
A. We publish an ISBN list about a month before classes start.
Remember: ISBN numbers can change without notice!

Q. How much are my books going to cost?
A. All of the current prices can be found in one of two places. Prices may change without notice.
1. Booklist

Q. When can I charge to my financial aid or third party?
A. Charging starts the Wednesday before classes start. You must have your BSC ID.

Q. How do I rent books?
A. We have several titles that are available to rent. Pay the rental fee upfront and remember to bring it back
when class ends. It's that easy.

Q. What is your return policy?

A. Our refund policies include:

  • Last day for a full refund: 7 business days after classes start

  • Summer/8 week classes: 4 business days after classes start

  • Energy Classes: Textbooks must be returned by close of business the day the class starts

  • Original receipt must accompany all exchanges and returns.

  • Books wrapped in plastic may not be returned if unwrapped.

  • Defective books replaced at no charge to the student, with receipt.

  • Cash and check purchases will be credited to the student's account.

  • If there is no balance, the student will receive their refund on their BSC Beyond card.

  • Credit card purchases will be credited to the respective credit card.

Q. I lost my receipt. Is there anything you can do?
A. Yes, we are more than happy to print you a new receipt for $3.00.

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