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Course Material Requisition Options:

For further questions and more information:
Phone:(701) 224-5614
Email: [email protected]

To best meet the federal mandate of HEOA, the BSC Bookstore seeks assistance from Bismarck State College Faculty by requesting they provide Textbook Adoptions (course materials request) to the Bookstore in a timely manner. The dates listed have been selected to assist our campus in complying with the HEOA requirements for providing course material information to Bismarck State College students. We understand that other factors such as hiring and designing your syllabus may extend your date of adoption.

There is a convenient way to adopt your course materials listed below, available on our website at

  • Faculty Login for Course Material Adoptions: this system is designed for the greatest accuracy, most detailed history and convenience for you as faculty. The Login option is strongly recommended.
    Please see link above, “Online Adoption Instructions” for further instructions or stop in for a walk through.

Phone orders and adoptions listed as “same as last time” will not be accepted.
We require book orders in written online format.


  • If you’re not planning to use any course material for a course, please use the Quick Adoption Form, fill in the header and check the No Text Required box. This will save on follow-up questions regarding whether or not a course material order is still needed for your course. If you are choosing No Text Required Box you will be asked to enter in the comments to the Bookstore what you will be using whether it will be a link, OER or handouts in class.

  • Please use the five digit class number and course title for each title you order, not the 01, 02, etc section numbers.

  • Please let the bookstore know if the course material is recommended, required or optional. A required course material is one on which your students are graded. Recommended course material provides supplemental information and can serve as study aids. By differentiating between required or recommended, you can help your students make informed decisions on how they spend their course material dollars. While lowering excess freight costs for the Bookstore.

  • Please be as specific as possible when you order course material bundles, value packages, books with CDs, and website code keys. Always include the bundle ISBN in your order!

  • If you do not need the website code keys or other items often packaged with a new course material, please let the bookstore know (comments to the bookstore), so we can try to save BSC students money by including the course material on our buyback list and begin the process of sourcing additional used course material copies from used course material companies.

  • Please note: the number submitted in the estimated enrollment field does not determine the quantity of books the bookstore will purchase for your courses. The bookstore calculates the quantity of books to provide on multiple factors, including prior year and previous semester’s sales history and market saturation levels per title.

  • For course material that will be used for consecutive semesters, please note were your course fits into the sequence, as our rental program only allows for single semester rentals. We are not able to guarantee a rental for the additional semester.

  • Desk Copies must be requested directly from the publisher. We DO NOT buy back complimentary desk copies of textbooks from faculty. If a textbook has been adopted to use on campus and you want a copy for yourself, ask the publisher if they will provide you with a DESK copy. If you want to preview textbooks from different publishers in order to make an adoption decision, ask the publisher for an EXAMINATION or REVIEW copy.

** If you need a copy of the book from the BSC Bookstore we will charge your department for the copy. Please note that books quantities are set by student enrollment and we may not have copies available for faculty. Please charge books at the register counter upstairs. Any questions on this process, please contact Tammy Staudinger in the textbook department at 224-5614 or at [email protected]

  • Please consider students with accessibility needs when choosing course materials. The BSC Bookstore works closely with Disability Services and the Division of Equity, Diversity and Global Outreach to meet the needs of all students. How you use the book in class is extremely important to students and to the bookstore in making buying decisions. Please note continuation/sequence classes so we do not over order.

  • We would like to receive a copy of your syllabus. This will give us book usage information so we don't return your course materials too soon.

    ***If you wish the bookstore to stock specific supplies (goggles, calculators, art supplies, graphing paper, additional recommended reading lists or flashcards, etc.), it is helpful if you contact the appropriate associate and give them enough lead time to get the materials in.

Tammy Staudinger/Course Materials
[email protected]
phone: (701) 224-5614
fax: 224-5646

Rachel Rosin/Art & Supplies
[email protected]
phone: (701) 224-5453
fax: 224-5646

Debra Sandness/Electronic Course Supplies
[email protected]
phone: (701) 224-5524
fax: 224-5646

Bismarck State College Bookstore

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